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  • Hi, I purchased this product along with an Arduino Pro Mini 5V and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to connect the two together. I looked at the Hookup Guide but a lot of it didn't make sense and I really need help if someone can figure it out. I saw another person in the comments section of the product page did it so im pretty sure it can be done. Please help!

  • Hi, I recently ordered this product, and after taking it out and separating the wires. I realised I was given the Female to Female even though I ordered Male to Female. As I have already taken them apart and opened the packaging, I figured it was too late to ask for the right product. What is the policy about stuff like this and where can I go for help? Thanks in advance, love Sparkfun products.

  • I don't know if you are still an active user but can you give more info about that? Sounds interesting. Any coding help?

  • Thanks so much! NPoole !

  • Ok. I know this might be a lot to ask, but I would really like to build this. I was wondering if someone could go more in depth about the build itself, and (Maybe! I know this is a pain) maybe provide the Arduino code? I am a n00b and would really appreciate not having to code this. Thanks!

  • Hey Shawn, I will trade you my Hershey's Bar for your Giant Hershey's Kiss! Deal?

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