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  • Hi,

    I checked both purple and basic schematics but these units look the same. Do you have any comminication On the Rx side. As you turn on the bluetooth you should receive a message from the board. If not first check your FTDI basi module by connection the Tx to the Rx pin and chech for echo signal if you push any button in your terminal window. If that is working well you should reconnect the bluetooth modulre. (Tx to Rx and Rx to Tx. Leave the contol lines CTS and DTS. Use these later for better data control. Success.

  • Hi, All I can say is that the FTDI connector was only working for the Tx side. Getting any data into the board was not possible. After investigation and a quick check at the Rx input with a scope of the BC127 module I found out that the signal was not low enough pulled down. just above critical level. So I changed the 10k resistors to 1k. Problem solved. Design flaw! I'm working with FTDI USB/TTL interface cables for years on all kind of projects. Also use it as an program and config cable (mini jack type). Always working well. only 3.3V and 5V compatebility can couse problems.

  • Hi, I had the same problem with discovering this board. When using an FTDI TTL compattible board like the FTDI Basic or a FTDI cable only the recieve line to PC will work. When you check the schematics there is a resistor (R8 for Rx and R9 for CTS) of 10k in series with the bluetooth Receive lines. This will not work in a pull-down system. When changed to 100Ohm it will work perfectly. Normaly when all chips are 3.3V no resistors are needed.

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