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  • Product SEN-11196 | about a year ago

    Member #78736 had a defective unit. His ENV-32X was replaced. For real help with your ENV-32X just send an email to: Support@Atlas-Scientific.com

  • Product SEN-10972 | about 2 years ago

    Nah, those probes work for years.

  • Product SEN-10167 | about 3 years ago

    Awesome data sheet!!
    Now I know how to use it…

  • News - ATmega Slugs | about 4 years ago

    No kidding!
    Me too!!
    I thought,…“man,..this is crazy"
    They kinda work,..so,..I’m thinking it’s me.
    We change the op-amp and the product is 100% operational.
    I have a whole reel of them,….
    Thanks for posting that.

  • News - ATmega Slugs | about 4 years ago

    The ATmega328 shortage has been a major problem and I have payed top dollar for the IC’s.
    You took a bath on an entire real. please,..help others. Don’t let it happen again,..name names.
    Who was it.

  • Tutorial - Removing Layers in Eagle | about 4 years ago

    “Eagle is not great”….
    That is the nicest thing I have heard anyone say about eagle in a long time. I have never commented on anything posted here before however, I feel very passionate about eagle. eagle is not a cad program, it’s a time wasting machine. It’s a sick joke masquerading as CAD software.
    Try DipTrace,..I find that to be the way to go.
    It defaults to 16 layers,…just another eagle cad failure…
    Nate..your a good guy. None of this is directed towards you.

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