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  • no antibacklash I can see in there, just the one rod that appears to be 2 starts (rod definitely moves faster than a normal thread). Its a bit on the wobbly side.

  • any notion how much displacement (in mm) these can achieve?

  • So does this one have the "enhanced" firmware that allows for RAW measurement output?

  • my 2 cents on the helical antennae is they seem to detune a lot less and seem to be better at multipath/reflection rejection. This is only from using devices with the two types of antennae. For instance, if I put the ceramic antenna on my iron radiator in my room at the window, the position bounces around a lot, and up to 50m, but using a helical antenna, it is more stable, and less variable. Of course the underlying chipsets also have something to do with this.

  • seems the clips and the software are the biggest selling points for this analyzer, I was considering the new analyzer by link instruments (http://www.linkinstruments.com/mso19.htm) but now can't decide!

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