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  • The "GNU-RM Download Site" links don't work.

  • I'm having trouble with the Roshamglo f/w in github. I had to find and add a "IntarIR" library, but I can't get the "EEPROM" library to work. What version of the IDE has this been tested with? Mine is fairly old - 1.6.10.

  • Replying to my own comment: bad form, I know. I found the IntarIR library here:

    And now I'm stuck on the "#include <EEPROM.h>". This fails compilation. When I change it to "#include <avr/EEPROM.h>" it doesn't seem to actually create a EEPROM variable. Help?

  • My badge seems to have arrived "full". When I tried to overwrite with the Roshamglo f/w from github it requires a library I don't have:

    include <IntarIR.h>

    Any ideas?

  • Won't this require a merge between the existing boards.txt and the one in the git repo?

  • Any chance you are going to provide support for the Badger with Arduino IDE 1.6.5? I don't really want to start using an older rev just for this.

  • Hate to break this to you, but most seasoned electrical engineers don't have the faintest clue as to how to solder.

  • I know it doesn't seem fair to be mad at SparkFun for giving away $100000, but I have to say I'm pretty aggravated with the experience. It's going to be a while before I try ordering from SparkFun again. I waited for over half an hour trying to check out and getting nothing but server time-outs. You made 1000 people happy and 69000 people not so happy. In the future, perhaps giving a $10 discount to 10000 might work out better.

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