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Nothing much, Still a university student in the physics major and I do target a master on electronics and communications in near future.


University Student

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Greek, English, German(in progress)

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Basic, C


Aristotle University of Thessalonikh Physics Department




Electronics, Mechatronics, Robotics, Cars


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  • Absolutely ridiculous… Sparkfun supports a rather large but separate community to be confused…
    I can only thing that SI is in need of quick money nothing else, cause AMD is hitting hard their market…
    First of all, they products are utterly different
    Hobby electronics compared with end products…
    Funny thing is that this is the first time I hear about Sparc term….
    I dunno guys, these companies play heavy but, their demands and their sayings are for laughters….
    Keep up the good work, you make electronics happen….
    You can make this happen too!!!
    Give us Sparkfun, or give us death
    Best Regards, Lefteris

  • I once used this method for fun, to desolder some
    old hard disk ICs…
    I took my mom’s cloths iron, tuned it to max temp,
    turn it upside down, place the PCB on the hot plate and ICs
    desoldered in no time…
    Guess you can do the same using soldering paste and your home brew PCB….. ( for PCB try toner transfer method with a laminator and print the circuit on a magazine paper… Best PCBs I got so far, and I’m trying nearly a year various toner transfer methods…)
    Best Regards,

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