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  • Is there any benefit of using the interrupt feature of this board? I understand the sensor collects light for a “shutter time” and the interrupt feature allows an interrupt flag to signal when the integration time is finished. Wouldn’t the value read from the sensor be updated every integration cycle anyway?

  • Figured out what was happening. Basically, it seemed like nothing was being logged because nothing was being logged because my test program was logging short sentences like 1 transmission per sec. But in mode 0 where the logomatic logs everything from UART0, it’s filling up the whole 512 byte buffer before logging, which was just taking a long time to get to. So that’s an entire 512 characters that it needs to collect before logging unless the stop button is pressed. (Also don’t you just love it when you figure something out in experimentation and then find the 5 lines of documentation explaining the problem immediately after?)

  • Hi, I’m having some issues logging data from UART on this board. basically, I only get it to log data when I push the stop button. Is anyone else having this problem? I tried emailing tech support but no response.

    I’m powering the board from the arduino 5V rail into the BATT pin with my arduino TX and RX pins connected to RXI0 and TXO0 and simply periodically sending short UART serial sentences to log. This behavior is on multiple boards, so that makes me think I’m not just dealing with a busted board and that I’m just missing something.