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  • I started out as a hardware guy, around 1968. I was bending code by 1973. I’ve worked on so many platforms, and used so many languages, that it just blurs. Getting religious about any of these, is more likely to reveal your insecurities about “the other side”, (whatever that is), than to convince anybody that your solution is “the true solution”. The more languages you master, the more you realize that they all have their strengths and weaknesses, and that none is a true panacea. Gee, shall we use an 80XXX processor, or hammer together a stack of AMD 2901 bit slice processors, and write our own instruction set? Who cares? Been there, done that, realized that hardware was becoming an off-the-shelf commodity around 1984, and moved fully into the software domain… And now I’ve come full circle, to find that playing with hardware is fun again, and writing the code that makes it sing is no big deal.

  • The Chapman “Gun Screwdriver Kit” is absolutely the bees knees.

  • It’s interesting that you expressed the XOR as: P ⊕ Q = (P || Q) && !(P && Q)

    The classical expression for XOR is P ⊕ Q = (P && !Q) || (!P && Q)

    Interestingly, your expression is more “elegant”, involving only 4 logic operators instead of the 5 logic operators in the classic expression.

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