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  • Thanks for the reply, Mike! I think my tests were actually with a 100 ft cable (an orange extension cord with the ends chopped off), so that probably accounts for the additional loss. I'd like to avoid Romex, so I was thinking of using a switch on one end of the cable, and a relay or an N-Channel MOSFET on the other end, and having that switch the power supply and ignitor, so they won't suffer the loss from the long cable... as long as I have a resistor pulling the gate to ground, would you expect any problems using a MOSFET in that way? (I don't know much about them, so I don't know if the long cable would be likely to pick up "noise" that might trigger the MOSFET on its own, or not?)

    The other question I have is, why do these things have .110 Female blade connectors? They are pretty difficult to find! :) The female connectors seem to be available all over the Internet, but the male blades are harder to come by. I found them at digikey, but they don't seem very common? I'll likely just chop the little guy off and replace it with a more standard sized blade.

  • I have a project using a 12VDC supply where I need to control one of these from a control box (switch) that's about 40 feet away from the igniter - the problem I'm having is that the voltage drop across the 16ga wire I'm using to connect them is too great (the voltage measures a bit over 9VDC when the igniter is connected), so the igniter isn't getting hot enough. Should I just try to find a 15VDC or so power supply? Any suggestions on where to get a UL listed 15VDC supply that could power this without breaking the bank? Thanks!

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