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  • Let me start by saying that I am a long time user of this board. I have chained 6 of them to control a bunch of step motors in a robotic application. However I just saw that you have created a new version now (v13). I have a suggestion for the next version and that is to please consider either selling a potentiometer that fits into the footprint or sell the board pre-mounted with the potentiometer. Controlling current is crucial and I don't understand why the potentiometer is not there by default.

  • I am new to step motors and this board seems like a good option to start with. I have two questions and I am hoping for some help here.

    How should switch be activated, is it suppose to be set to 5v or 0V in order to activate a stop? I plan to connect HOME_REF_PIN to the board and I don't know if I should connect it to 5V or 0V in order to activate a stop.

    AutoDriver boardA(10, 6);
    #define HOME_REF_PIN    4
    void setup()
        pinMode(HOME_REF_PIN, INPUT_PULLUP);
        Serial.println("Configuring AutoDriver...");
        Serial.println("Finding home reference...");
        boardA.goUntil(RESET_ABSPOS, FWD, 50);
        long currentPos = boardA.getPos();
        Serial.print("Current position (should be zero) ");

    Stall Detection is mentioned in the product description, but I can not find any proper references to in the git repository. How should stall be detected and handled? Can someone provide an example please?

  • Is it possible to connect a "Electret Microphone Breakout" such as https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9964 directly to this board? (I would like to skip the left/right input audio cables)

  • I don't want to have a long audio cable coming to this shield. Does anyone know if I can directly connect the Audio-signal from "Electret Microphone Breakout" https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9964 to both the Right and Left of this shield?

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