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  • Overall the screen is a good quality device. It renders very fast, even when updating multiple objects on the screen at once. It does have its quirks though...

    The Workshop IDE is really clunky for my tastes. It has some interesting 'features'. However, it's not bad for the price (free).

    And I end up having to build a list of #defines that map between how I'm using the 4D objects and my Arduino/C++ code.

    e.g. ...

    define GENIE_OBJ_widgetCount 0 // this is Customdigits0 in the Workshop IDE. Objects are zero based, so Customdigits1 would have an index of 1 when using genie.WriteObject().

    ... genie.WriteObject(GENIE_CUSTOM_DIGITS, GENIE_OBJ_widgetCount, 1234); ...

    Most peculiar for my project was that the LCDs Customdigits object only supports numbers from 0-65536 (uint16_t) (0x0000-0xFFFF) and a digit display of 5 numbers, which makes sense (i guess) given it can only display up to 65536.

    Other than that, I'd probably buy another one. I have several already.

  • Does the driver for this work with Windoze 8.1? My "old" cable didn't work with my new laptop.

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