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  • I have a digital sensor that generates one bit data with 1MHz frequency, I want to send this data to a file in my PC. The problem is that the writing speed is so low that I loose the sensor's data while writing. Please let me know if you have any idea about fast data transfer with this mic.

  • Also, I don't see any blinking on my board that shows that it is programmed.

  • Thanks for your response. The microphone is a digital one and works only with the clock range of 1 to 3 Mhz. I have another problem. I have installed WINAVR and I am trying to use the output program in github page. But it seems that I cannot run the program. I have connected an oscilloscope to port D5 but it does not show that it is set to one or zero. Please let me know if I need to take any steps before just programming the board. I am sure about the com port.

  • Hi, I am not used to use these type of mics. I have a question. Does the micro-controller have an internal clock? What is its frequency? I need to connect a microphone to this board which needs 1MHz clock frequency. Can I provide it by the micro-controller or should I just buy an oscillator?

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