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  • A picture of this in action from a bit of distance would be awesome. It's a little hard to tell how visible these would be due to their small size.

  • Here's the Grove L298 It's pretty much the only other i2c H-bridge I'm aware of. It would nice to see similar higher-voltage i2c h-bridge from Sparkfun.

  • Nope. What you see is what you guy (Minus the quarter). The MPU series really is amazing for the price though. Just wish I'd see a nice board with them and a magnetometer for ~$30. Also that the company would release info on the MotionFusion bit so we don't have to rely on reverse engineering control of it. It's absurd that a company sells a product but refuses to give you the datasheets that actually you know, make it essentially unique and awesome, unless you're a company...

  • These appear to be the same SMD buttons (Minus the painted colors)

  • This board comes with the sensor already mounted. For future reference, any breakout-board that has the chip already soldered all the pictures will have it just like that when ordered. Also, any breakout boards that come un-populated are labeled very specifically as such and usually only have one picture showing what it looks after you finish soldering it yourself.

  • I would love it if someone could get some data on the charging circuit. I'm curious to see whether this could have some more panels soldered to it. Or better yet, how MUCH more wattage you could connect to it. It's a great price for the battery and charging circuit if it can manage anything decent.

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  • These are awesome, but they stick out a bit too far from any panel. Any chance of getting a recessed version that is very low profile? Would make an awesome mount for indicators on a flight-panel.

  • Anyone know the candela brightness for the individual LEDs? The datasheet doesn't mention and it would be nice to be able to compare the individual lights versus if I made my own RGB panel type deal.

  • Does the switch actually control the voltage or it is some kind of 5v/whatever switch that a chip inside monitors? I'm wondering because if it's just monitored by some chip then I could make the lighting in my system be controlled by an Arduino fairly easily.