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  • Only being able to stack this as the bottom-most brick makes it pretty useless in my opinion, and at $1 each 1x1 brick, a very pricey product also. Getting a 1x1 brick to suspend underneath something is challenging enough, without LED leads wired to it (unless you're gluing your creating together?)

    For $1 you could just get the LEDs (and certainly more than one!) and achieve almost the same effect. Take a look at the "action" photo - it doesn't even show the product, just some lights coming from behind some legos.

  • Damn, I bought 2 of these instead of the Series I 60mw sensors - are they really not great for a point-to-point?

    Is it possible to do the same two-xbee light blinking type of communication, or do these Series 2B require a centralized "server" node and everything?

  • A question on how easy the traces are to cut - they don't look exposed on the surface in that last photo...did just cutting with an xacto work?

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