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  • Hey Member #568376, did you ever get any help with that code? I had the same problem. All of the open source code is for little toys and the code that is offered with the motor driver is just for demonstration and isn't much help. I came up with some code that worked for me. I'm pretty much a nube too so it's probably not the best but it worked. Ultimately, I gave up on it because I couldn't get the xbees to work and I opted to use a R C transmitter and receiver. Way simpler if you're looking to cop out like me, look into it. Let me know if you want that code. I'll forward it to you. I'd also like to know if you got your camera to work because I had the same experience with that too.

  • Another nube in need of help: I'm trying to adapt the example code provided by Sparkfun to use human controls, but I can't seem to get any response to the potentiometer or the direction switch. I've looked all over the internet for sample code to use with a motor driver shield and come up with zip. Can anyone help?

  • I have spiced the yellow signal wire to a RCA jack and pluged it into the video in on a TV. Powered the camera with a 9v battery. I get no signal. Is there more to it than that?

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