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  • Naive is not something I play. Your non-sequiturs are making your statements hard to follow.

    Using terms like 'always the case' isn't good practice when there are literally 1,000s of Shapeoko users who can attest to the availability of files.

    As I said before - S3 is very recently 'officially released' as we're not making active changes to the design and the machine is in-stock and not on pre-order. The files should be bundled up and available through an easier to find link very soon.

    Regardless of all of this, clearly this machine isn't for you, and that's OK.

  • With a conservative cut depth (1/8-1/4") you can expect to cut something like walnut or other hardwoods at around 40ipm, HDPE or other plastics could go faster (60ipm).

    Jogging (G0) speeds are fast you could do 80ipm with no problem.

  • This is Edward - I started and still run Shapeoko as part of Carbide3D.

    You're plain wrong about basically everything you've said. Drawings for Shapeoko 1 and Shapeoko 2 were released as soon as I had time to clean them up and bundle everything together.

    Drawings for Shapeoko 3 have been available for the last few months on the forum as a zip download. http://www.shapeoko.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=5996&start=20#p53957

    The machine, just in the last few weeks has been marked as 'released' and out of pre-order phase.

    We're not 'hiding' the drawings from anyone. The license on the mechanical kit is CC-BY-NC, just like on the Standard Shapeoko 3 sold by Carbide3D.

  • ^^ Most. Awesome. Comment. Ever.

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