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  • Is there any reason why you chose pin 4 & 6? I dont see any real logic for this decision. Just asking because I am coding an MSGEQ7 Lib with examples. And those examples should work with the shield as well. Was there any intention behind this?

  • I started with a new project. Step 8 doesnt even display the >DESGINER etc in the frame. I currently cannot upload files but you can use my current PCB, attached in this forum thread:

    Maybe the current github library has a mistake? Thx for taking the time man!

  • Nothing changes. I feel like shit, cannot even handle such a simple thing :D

    And now I am using an english system and english eagle. I used FRAME-LETTER Creative commons And this download of the library:

  • Its puts the values on the corner and looks like this:

    I thought it ill place it in the right spot, maybe also in red. Maybe I could use another frame? Or what am i doing wrong?

  • I want to do something like this (c) I am designing a PCB with an audio jack for in and output. If input not connected it connects the left and right channel to ground, to avoid noises in the output. Do you know if this really avoid noises or just generates more noises? Or should I maybe use a resistor as pulldown instead of a 1:1 connection?

  • This also works in my schematic. But the frame doesnt update. >Test renamed properly.

    I downloaded the sparkfun eagle parts from their official github repository as described in the tutorial.

    What words are you using as global variable? My eagle is currently set to german language. Should I change this?

  • This doesnt work for me. The frame will not update. I tried global attributes CNAME,CREVISION,DESIGNER and VERSION and none of them updates the frame. Even if I say redraw under "view".

    Any idea? I am using the latest github lib and the latest eagle 7.2.0

  • I created a project that fully replaces the Arduino Bootloader. You are able to upload sketches and use it as HID. See Project HID on Github:

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