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  • Just hooking up the receiver module (no transmitter at all), and watching the data pin with only an oscilloscope attached, I see a steady (although a bit noisy) PWM-like signal, 0-5V approx 50% duty cycle. If I attach a voltmeter in place of the scope, I read about 2.5V (as expected).
    If I now transmit a steady signal, the data pin on the receiver is a clean, flat 0V.
    So, I think the problem a lot of people are having is they expect the data pin on the receiver to be a high or low based on what is received. Instead you get a 50% duty PWM or 0V. This is usable, but not what I expected.

  • OK, I think I see in the issue. It seems a lack of current limiting resistors causes the current per segment to change based on the total number of segments lit in one digit (more segments = dimmer digit). It also appears that the brand new version 2 seven segment displays are also lacking resistors.
    So let me ask a different question. Does this seem odd to anyone else? I realize a design goal was a tiny PCB and low cost, but a seven segment display with digits of different brightness looks really bad.

  • Is it just me or does the character brightness vary depending on what the character is? What I see if I send "1818" is very bright ones and dim eights.

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