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  • There are many "mature" hexbright sketches in the dhiltonp github repository, and many of them include strobes.


    My favorite so far is up_n_down.

  • How about if it's also a 500 lumen tactical flashlight. It's new, and it's incredibly customizable, so it's hard to claim it's as reliable as a Surefire, but it can certainly put out as much light as one. And of course it comes with the battery. For all of that, $100 is a steal, but if all you're looking for is an Arduino board, this isn't for you.

  • The firmware I'm running does exactly that. Although, it only checks the orientation when you activate the light, or if you hold the button while angling the light. Without really good noise filtering on the accelerometer, having it constantly adjust the brightness causes a lot of flicker, but of course, aggressive filtering would tend to lag the changes in brightness. This sketch (up_n_down in Hilton's repository) has a lot of other bells & whistles, but you could simplify the program so that it changes brightness whenever you tap the button.

    That's the main benefit that I see - you don't have to create something brand new; simply customizing the light to your specific needs is worth it alone.

  • I still cringe whenever I see a captcha.. Please try something else if you hold another Free Day. I'm sure Re-Captcha doesn't appreciate the expletives we all typed in after an hour or two of frantic typing. :-)

  • I tried another batch, but then it became obvious how ridiculous this entire thing is. Congrats to the people who won, but I'm getting off of this nauseating, insulting ride.

  • I'm billing Sparkfun for the brain damage from these horrible Captchas.. Not worth $100 for the headache and time I'm wasting. It sure feels like someone walking up to a group of people and scattering a bag of pennies around them. Come up with a better idea next year, because this one sucks.

  • I also hate suggestion replacement when my original search has results, but I could see it automatically switching if the original search didn't find anything.

  • This should tie in well with the Dasher input system.
    I've played with an implementation of Dasher and it's actually very efficient at entering large amounts of text with minimal movement, perfect for eye tracking systems.
    Try it out - it's different but very intuitive.

  • This looks perfect for a DIY camera intervalometer for cameras that use a standard 2.5mm stereo plug (ie. Canon's Rebel DSLRs).

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