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  • The module works fine if I wire it to pin ports of my Arduino Pro but not If I connect the wires diretly over the holes in the circuit.

    I am newbie in electronics and if someone could tell me about the diference...

    Thanks a lot

  • I am testing this module with Arduino Pro 5v and Xbee Pro Series1 and I have this wiring Pin on XBee / Pin on ATMega:

    Din / Tx Dout / Rx 5V / Vcc GND / GND

    But did't work. The Xbee configuration is correct ( I have tested with Xbee Explorer USB) but this module don't stablish comunication. I can't show Din or Dout leds while I am sending values with the Arduino Pro.

    I must use the DiO3 of Xbee Explorer or I have any mistake with my wire configuration?


  • I have the response. My module Xbee s1 Pro uses more than 150mA and this module can supply 150mA max :(

  • I have buyed two units of this module and looks like didn't work. I had a xbee pro s1 module connected to my Arduino pro with a tension divider and all works fine. I have changed this by the regulated module and didn't works.

    I have connected Module -> Arduino Pro 5v -> Vcc Gnd -> Gnd Dout -> Rx Din -> Tx All works fine if I reconnect my Xbee directly with a tension divider Any Idea?

  • I have a problem. I want use this module with out Poe and I am power it on V+ V- with 12v but didn't works. Where I must power the Shield?


  • I am having problems with Arduino UNO and Pro using this MOSFET. I don't know if the problem is for frecuency rate on this boards. Someone knows the answer? By the moment I am using a analogWrite(pin, 100) and the output is 100% of my power suply, there are no changes if I put analogWrite(pin, 100). Thanks in advance

  • I have no problems with this board for Series 1 and 2, but I can't access to my 868RF XBEE modules. Someone know o have a solution for program Xbee 868?


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