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  • The threads are not the USA standard National Pipe Thread Taper (NPT) but rather British Standard Pipe Parallel (BSPP). Both NPT and BSPP have the same pitch, .071in or 1.814mm, but NPT has tapered threads while the BSPP has parallel, or straight, threads. Depending on the fitting you may or may not be able to cram an NPT onto the BSPP valve threads, but you will not get a reliable seal. The NPT threads rely on the taper to seal while the BSPP relies on an end gasket to seal (like on a garden hose fitting). BSPP threads are very uncommon in the USA. McMaster-Carr sells a BSPP-to-NPT adapter fitting for about twice the cost of this valve (and you will need 2), but it would be less expensive to buy a brass-body valve with NPT fittings. I appreciate SFs effort to provide an inexpensive valve, but in the end it has not been worth my time and money to make this one work. Perhaps they will be able to source one with NPT threads.

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