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  • Oy. Didn’t notice that the Terminal command to start screen also got mangled. It should be:
    screen -L [your /dev entry] 57600
    Replacing “[your /dev entry]” with your actual dev entry.
    Sheesh. Where’s the “edit” button for these comments?!?!

  • Yup, that did it. “\015\012” gets converted to the CRLF sequence

  • Ugh. The page mangled my post despite the “preview” displaying correctly. Let’s try this again:
    The sample sequence should be:
    stuff “\$PMTK000*32\015\012”

  • Took me a while to figure out how to configure this with OS X, so I figured I’d document the process here for quick reference for anyone else needing the information
    -Open Terminal (/Applications/Utilities)
    -If you don’t know the /dev entry for your serial communication device, with it disconnected type “ls /dev/tty."
    -Now connect your serial communication device, and enter the previous command again
    -The /dev entry for your device should be the only new entry
    -With your serial device connected to your computer and GPS module, type this line in Terminal (replacing ”“ with the real /dev entry):
    screen -L 57600
    -The hard part for me was sending the CRLF sequence after each sentence. The best way I found to send this sequence is to use screen’s command line mode by pressing ctrl+a, and then : (colon)
    -Enter your sequence using the following format (obviously replacing ”$PMTK000
    32" with the appropriate sequence. The “$” character needs to be escaped and the “\015\012” sequence will be converted to the CRLF sequence):
    stuff “\$PMTK000*32\015\012"
    -Then just press return to send the sentence

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