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  • I have a USB GPS and want to connect it to an Arduino. With this board, Oleg's code and an Arduino will I be able to do this simply or is it going to require a lot of coding for the GPS and host to communicate?

  • Bill, thanks for the explanation. Do you expect line holding to improve any time soon or is it more likely that it is already as good as it gets?

  • Bill,
    my main interest in making use of a UAV is for aerial mapping. Based on the plot for these flights and others for ArduPilot line keeping does not yet reach the requirements of an orderly survey with a lot of sag on the lines. Is this because this is not a priority in the navigation code(s) or is it that the systems have yet to mature to that stage?

  • Mega Pro Mini - any plans for this and timescale?

  • Would be much better supplied in multiples of 2 (2,4,6,8 etc.) and a single the you could combine them as necesary. It is time consuming as well as wasteful to cut these and make any effort to make the cut end look good.

  • An I2C version would be greatly appreciated - as others have said!

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