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  • This is my subjective observation - if I set manually PWM to 0 I got no light and when set PWM to 1 I got quite bright shining LED stripe. It is not important if this is 20% or 10% for me. For the current project I need to get soft start of the led stripe. This is the main purpose using FemtoBuck. It is not important if further fading out is linear either. I just got a black "hole" in brightness between 0 PWM and 1 PWM. I have no idea what could went wrong.


  • I have problem using FemtoBuck LED Driver. Probably I have made some stupid mistake. After connecting the device to Arduino UNO (same as it was shown in tutorial - the only diff is D9-->CTRL) and 12V led stripe I cannot obtain linear dimming. So PWM values are from 0 to 255 while light intensity values I get are 0% for 0 PWM, 20% for 1 PWM, 21% for 2 PWM.... 100% for 255 PWM. I am unable to get "soft start" - only rapid on (with 20% LED intensity). Please help Michal

  • Would it be possible to run this board without Arduino? As I remember Arduino HIGH digital pin has 5V - would it be possible to connect VCC and CTR pads to get led working?

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