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  • I know that I have to add shipping cost. (We always have that as a EU backers) but, 24$ for a 29$ product, it’s too expensive. In addition we would pay customs fees… (maybe not but it’s not included in the 24$ shipping cost.) The microview had a free shipping option for EU backers.

    10$ would be OK for me but not 24$. It is too bad because the product seems to be great made by a genius little guy ;-)

  • sorry the shipping cost is too expensive for non-US backers. I will wait to buy it on Sparkfun later.

  • Hi, Is there a way to switch off the screen without turn off the microview. I need to save my lipo battery. I don’t need the screen except when a user push a button or something like that to see some information on the screen.

    Except the API end(), I don’t see any other API to do that. any Ideas ?

  • Hello, Yes you can use the USB programmer to programm other arduino’s boards. I made the test with a clone of an Arduino Pro Mini and it works fine only for 5V Arduino. (I don’t think the 3V is managed) Pinout : USB Programmer =>Arduino, RX (2)=>TX, TX (1)=> RX, 5V=> VCC, GND =>GND, RST=>DTR