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  • Love these little displays! Can’t stop making clocks :)

    Quick heads up, that I put together a simple library for accessing these displays via the same API regardless of the underlying protocol:


    It saved me time, figured it might save time for someone else :)

  • Hi, I bought Danger Kit and assembled it in a couple of hours.

    Now I would like to use Danger Shield + Uno it to control a program running on Rainbowduino. I have never connected two Arduinos before, and I am a bit stuck:

    Rainbowduino has two sets of 8 pins presumable for this purpose: one is male, one is female. The connections are:

    • SDA
    • SCL
    • GND
    • GND (female), CTS (male)
    • 5V
    • RXD (female), TXD (male)
    • TXD (female), RXD (male)
    • DTR

    It also has holes for the following pins: D3, D2, A0, A1, A2, A3, A6, A7.

    I want to be able to send data from the controllers on Danger Shield, so that I can control a game on the LED matrix.

    I tried sending PWM voltage and using analog inputs on Rainbowduino (and another board) – even though I was reading correct voltage, analog inputs were going off crazy between 0 and 1023 switching as I was sending AC instead of DC. I wasn’t sure whether I was supposed to connect the two duinos via a ground, and/or 5V?

    How do I use the SDA/SCL or TXD/RXD on Rainbowduino, and what do I connect it to on my Danger Shield/Uno? Everything seems already taken :(


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