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  • I didn't know division by 9 worked like that. It makes sense though because division by 3 works the same way..

  • The bad part of Xcel's plan is that they require a commitment to leave the solar on the building for 20 years which isn't a bad deal unless you don't plan to stay in the building for more than 20 years. In our case, we were not told up front that this was an Xcel requirement. We will most likely not stay in the house for 20 years so I refused to sign it since I couldn't guarantee that anyone who bought the house would leave the solar there. You wouldn't think anyone would take it off but .....

    We also used Sun Power and got a reduction in our price if Sun Power would get the money from the excess energy generated. When I refused to sign the Xcel deal, Xcel took the 2 way meter out. Now they get the excess energy for free. Sun Power absorbed the loss. In essence Sun Power is getting screwed. By me or Xcel? I hope it's not me.

    I talked to Xcel about this in depth and explained to them that I would guarantee that I would leave them on as long as we lived there, but that wasn't good enough for them. I also explained that I didn't see how I could force anyone to leave them on there for 20 years but I didn't run that by an attorney.

    Real Good Solar installed ours. They're now known as RGS and they've changed their business model. They did an excellent job for us including an in depth analysis of the structural capability of our roof.

    Sun Power has been awesome company with whom to work.

  • what other soft processors are available with this product? If none, does one have to buy them from Xilinx?

  • and there are other materials for capacitors such as mica and a couple of others..

  • You should do one on the frequency response of capacitors.

  • Began with a crystal am radio around age 13. In college built a VOM. Then built a color TV. Was dying to buy the robots and the H8 computer, but kids came along. Did build the H19 terminal. Then Heathkit quit making kits. Finally was able to obtain the the H8 & Hero robot via ebay just recently.

  • A new world Viking pillages the parts bins.

  • You're right. We wouldn't be sending these messages, Spark Fun might be Garage Fun, & our lives would be much slower and duller if it weren't for him and the 20 or 30 people who led in both the development of the computers and the IC's that enabled them to be so cheap, so low power, so small & so fast that the progress in science , technology, and hobby fun is accelerating at an unbelievable pace.

  • It'll just be me, in my basement, lots of clicking and cussing - but you're welcome if you can entertain my grandson who will be bugging me if he's around.

  • Is it possible to boost the speed of the processor up to 16MHz?

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