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  • After being told by his mommy that he couldn’t get the new FreeSoC2 for his battlebot, Casey retreats to his room in the basement to pout.

  • And here we have the elusive Sparknerd - rarely seen in social gatherings. Notice the similarity between it’s response to red boxes and a feline’s to catnip. One thing is certain, once the soldering station is setup, the Sparknerd will be gone just as quickly as it appeared.

  • Not everyone was stoked about the debut of the GroomerBot 1.0.

  • This may or may not be a good idea, but what if you used the “Was this review helpful?” buttons to control the relative weight of the reviews - yes would increase the weight, no would decrease it. So if there was a product with two reviews - one 5 star and one 1 star - and twenty people thought the 5 star review was helpful but the 1 star wasn’t, then the total product review would be closer to 5 stars. You’d probably have to ensure someone couldn’t go and repeatedly hit the yes or no button several times to artificially bump up a reviews weight. Anyway, just a thought.

  • Sadness sets in as Merlin realizes that, with his growing age, he must enlist the help of young mavericks for even trivial tasks such as donning his magic bracelet.

  • Lamest mid-life crisis ever!!

  • After discovering his fascination of electronics and superheroes, the students knew precisely how to distract Mr. Spark. Recess would come early today!

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