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  • I really doubt that anyone that didn't wake up early and prepare for this day got an order in. There were 70,000 people, I imagine at least 5,000 of those people (probably more) were logged in, cart full and ready to push the checkout button before 7 MST. I was, and I didn't get anything, because that still means only 20% of the people that were ready got $100.
    The people that were pissed because they spent 2 hours trying to login, should stop complaining, Thousands of people were more ready than you, and regardless of how the servers worked you never would have been one of the first 1000 when you needed to still login an hour before the show started, I started to get on and get to the checkout page 3 hours before it started and I got there, but still didn't get anything.
    You also could have given up at anytime and gone back to work, anyone that is smart enough should have realized 20 minutes in that it could take a couple hours for this thing to finish up.
    Stop complaining people, no one forced you to try and get a free $100, and you could have stopped at anytime, so it wasn't sparkfun's fault.

  • I'll buy some of the stuff too that I had in my basket too, I wish I could afford all $100 of stuff but I can't.

  • I agree, the people that are complaining need to realize you chose to spend 2 hours trying to $100 for free, you should have known that A TON of people were also trying. So stop complaining that you didn't get something for free and stop saying you hate SparkFun for it, they rock.
    I enjoyed watching the twitter posts with people getting excited about getting to a shipping confirmation page.
    Sparkfun gave away $100,000 worth of stuff, I think they deserve credit. Anyone with a brain knew there servers would be overloaded and not everyone would get it.

  • It was a fun morning watching all the twitter posts, too bad I couldn't get in to the IRC channel, sounds liek there was a lot of chatter.
    Unfortunately I made it all of the way and then was told my order didn't qualify (I still don't know why I had all physical stuff, no gift cards or classes)). This was when only $16,000 was taken. Quite bummed. But Sparkfun still rocks.

  • Yeah, it seems that your names are sooo close that you must be the same company, I wonder why your logos look so different though...

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