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  • All you have done is add up the cost of the parts. If this were a bag of parts, your argument might be valid. But keep in mind that someone had to design the PCB, have it manufactured (in small quantities for testing), test it, make revisions, re-spin, re-test, etc. before having a board that could be produced in large quantities for sale to you. This person likely wants to be – and very likely was – paid for his or her time. Given the complexity of designing and testing a board, this person’s time is likely quite valuable and the per-hour costs for them is quite high. You can’t just have any fool off the street do this for $10/hour. So before you spout off about how high the cost of something is, please know what it is you’re talking about. It does NOT cost Sparkfun $50 to make. It costs them $50 in parts. $50 in parts and $50 to make are completely different things.

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