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  • News - Fluke Responds to Tradema… | last month

    It is an interesting point. Fluke created the (yellow) wrap around bumper for MMs. The key to the rightness or wrongness is that the Chinese meter maker went to extra expense to get the Fluke look. They used a more expensive two color plastic injection (fusing?) to create a Fluke look-alike where the yellow is not removable. It looks like the removable yellow boot. Would it fool someone who is shopping online and only sees pictures? Then copy the swoopy shape of a particular Fluke mode and make an injection tool. Extra cost and mimic shape and color. Why? Why spend the extra? If there is something to be gained or expected to be gained by this, what is it? Who is in the wrong here? The math is easy. Why is everyone getting different answers?

  • News - Fluke Responds to Tradema… | last month

    I can testify to Fluke’s educational interests. Though long ago, they donated a 408B power supply to a custom instrument I was building at a university. In fact it was delivered by John Fluke Jr. Check the specs on this thing and you will see why they like to protect their image.

  • News - Fluke, we love you but yo… | last month

    Its not the meter, it is the yellow wrap-around meter bumper and stand. The combination of this and the meter is a distinctive look. So cool an idea that it is copied in every way possible and leaving Fluke few ways to protect the invention and trade dress. Thus trademarks about color and other things that seem too loose for hip young open-sourcers who live in their parents basements. Not that there is anything wrong with that!

  • News - Fluke, we love you but yo… | last month

    Donate them to schools and students associate the Fluke color scheme with junk meters. A no win.

  • News - Fluke, we love you but yo… | last month

    Warner Bros. Sued the Marx Bros. over “A Night in Casablanca”

    Groucho counter-sued Warner over the use of the word “Brothers”. (Marx Vaudville act pre-dated Warner).

    Warner dropped the action. In this case, Groucho is Fluke.

  • News - Fluke, we love you but yo… | last month

    There you have it. Knockoffs are OK because they are knockoffs? The hobby electronics audience is an eclectic mix and the fuzzy ideas about ownership are pretty surprising. Ethics, logic, and reason should be enough. Boohoo! I want mine to look like a Fluke! Make a DIY meter of your own and nobody cares. Mass produce them and are you harming anyone? (Aside from the silly idea that no one will buy a Fluke unless they are an expert. Can’t you buy them at any Snap-On truck?)

    If anyone has one of these, is there a real CE logo? Or perhaps the “China Export” symbol meant to look like CE? That can get a shipment stopped as well.

  • News - Fluke, we love you but yo… | last month

    You guys are missing something here. Didn’t Fluke invent the protective sleeve and make it yellow as part of their trade dress? Isn’t the yellow on your import misleading because it is not a removable bumper?

    And really, isn’t it obvious this is intended to look like a Fluke? SF should man-up. It took a long time and a lot of work for Fluke to get where they are. I used to have a high voltage supply (I used for calibrating photomultipliers) from Fluke, a 5kV supply with rotary switches all the way down to 0.1 volt steps and it was dead on. This kind of thing is not easy. What is Sparkfun’s investment in the meter business? Why all the noise?

  • News - New Product Friday: A Goo… | about a month ago

    As is quite plain from the photo and as my father long insisted, Pi are not square. Pi are round.

  • News - Enginursday: Adventures i… | about 2 months ago

    I can’t find anywhere to get pre-drilled holes. Portable holes yes. The big ones even fold up for storage. Pre-drilled? none!

  • News - Enginursday: Adventures i… | about 2 months ago

    Measure height of electrical outlets on wall before setting cross brace placement. There is no standard I know of except the disabilities act in the US. If it is a new house/apartment they should be 15 inches to bottom of the receptacle plate. But don’t count on it.

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