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  • I think you did a great injustice to a man creative work; thats just not right. Not everyone has a warehouse full of the newest electronics components; nor should the museums tour guide be poking around inside an electronics box. I also find that scenario highly unlikely, and if it were to happen I think their employer would let them go for fundamental lack of basic judgment calls.

    You chopped up this persons creation then went one step further to deteriorate them in public. Maybe you should have made use of all that test equipment and engineers you have instead you essentially defaced a museum piece by covering it with a Sparks Fun logo.

    Since you don't recommend the use of custom cables I guess you will be discontinuing a ton of items and converting your stock over to ready made; you can send me old inventory. By the way what unit of measure are you going to be using for increments in cable length?

    I mean come on Sparks Fun Engineers can't be bothered with making their own cables! Due to the fact they may be poorly crimped, faulty, misaligned and it just takes too much time. I'm sorry that was just the icing on the cake. I officially challenge you or your best staff to a crimp off in public. I'll show you what quality connections look like and how experience builds speed.

    Frustum length wires keep projects neat and organized, sounds like you need to check out some tutorials and set aside some serious practice time. I also think you owe the creator an apology; and hope you saved all the original materials in case you possible altered any function irreparably.

    To sum things up would I have used different connections and design principals if I were the creator? Yes. Would I trash talk and belittle the person responsible for a creation which apparently is important to many people. No! Nor would I make it my own if I were given the privilege to service such a creation .

    What one thing would I possibly change about the setup if possible? Lighting that had an equivalent spectrum temperature and lumen output, that is not such a watt sucking, heat pumping bulb as halogen. Nathan I was under the impression that If you had either an electronics engineering degree or a field closely related; at the very least staff and consultants.

    If you can't handle controlling 110 AC don't complain about it call in a licensed processional; maybe your should re-think selling 110 home automation break our boards until you and your staff become more familiar with them.

    I'm glad you feel “Critical comments rock!” so I don't feel bad pointing out the truth, but once again please do not be so disrespectful to the Illumitune's creator. It's un-profesional, out of line and it is something I would not expect to come from a person in your position. I am a female working in a male dominated field and let me also add it's highly unattractive. That is why I married a man outside of the field and he has taught me how to be a better professional more then he will ever take credit for.

    Mark's Wife Cynthia

  • this no come with connections? my wife use this tool, but look no same, it no need connections, is there something same? I try and make gift for her but i no not about rotary tool

  • Why this kit have not one comment and be top product. This good or no? My wife teach children circuitos they all very smart. Mi estudy auto mech when they no have many circuitos. Now no like auto circuitos. My wife make me electric circuito tools for my job from old part we find. I see the look in eye when she read this. i ask she want she say no I know she want. Still I no see this be top product. I no make circuito but I not stupid. The circuito here much money people no talk but it top, Someone please tell me if it be top product not only say so.

  • you may have given too much current also, then even the royal family's led no work so good

  • check you connection mi amigo, these are the same everywhere. Also clear rgb blend color not so good, como se dice the frost, oh yes diffused give you more true color.

    ¡Hasta la Victoria Siempre! my friend .

  • Yo soy solo un pobre esposo. me pueda Por favor comprar algunos de la electrónica de la estos. Pero no no por en la de estos caro mucho precios. la precios tienes entiendo su tienes son loco..

    Te necesitas entiendo yo solo necesito un poco de estos y yo no tengo much dinero. Te necesita entiendo también muchas personas no tienen mucho dinero lo mismo. Pregunta.
    ¿qué tienes? ¿Qué deseas? El mundo en tu bolsillo

    Yo tengo un esposa y cinco ninos todo lo que quieren es estudiar electrónica. Si usted no puede ayudar a mi esposa tiene solamente una opción. Ella debe trabajar un trabajo un muy indeseable posición para proporcionar el total de la familia con una vida mejor.

  • Man I can't even afford to provide one tech freedom fighter with an ample amount of these at $,95 each. Voy a luchar para dar mi pueblo, los productos electrónicos asequibles misma calidad.

    "¡Hasta la Victoria Siempre!

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