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  • I am using Fio / Xbee (Series 1) + Xbee Explorer setup with 4 capacitive sensors (on 4 digital pins) on the Fio, that is always sensing the environment (no sleeps) - and I am receiving the data in MaxMsp via serial. I am planning to use a 2000mAh or 6Ah lipo battery, and I would need some help with calculating how much mAh the setup actually would need for a 25-30 hrs runtime. Planning on no breaks – the Fio and Xbee will always be on. Is it possible to succeed with a maximum of 6Ah lipo..? Also suggestions on how to configure the Xbee for avoiding performance that I actually don't need it to do…?

  • Would it be possible to use this breakout board with a Fio Xbee..? If yes, is there any specific to think of when hooking up and / or configuring the Xbee?

  • Thanks for the reply - I will look at the changes in the code. It seems quite straightforward. Also I will post further questions to the forum. For now just to follow up on this thread, I am asking here: I might want to use several inputs than five, either capacitive sensing or variable resistance of some kind - what would be the best way of multiplying the inputs: by using several of the microcontrollers running individually or is there another way when using only one of the Lilypad MP3's...? Or would another microcontroller serve better? I am aiming for a no-computer setup, and also lipo batteries are a plus, as i want to avoid using power cords. and the running time is only 3 days, so i am thinking that a 2000mAh lipo would be fine...?

  • I am interested if it is possible to trigger several files than 5 – in terms of playing various random files by closing one switch on the board. So to say to have a bank of audio files for each inputs…? In case it is possible, I would appreciate a thorough explanation on what changes are necessary in the code, etc. (I am still a learner :) ) Also I would rather work with variable resistance / or capacitive touch than ordinary switches - and would be grateful for any tips!

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