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  • Just an FYI this product is $179 from Digilent once you register an account and verify it with your school email. I'm a student so every penny counts!

  • Wow...I made something almost identical to this last year. I wonder if my youtube video of my hand provided any inspiration for this project.
    I'm only 16 now when I built my animatronic hand project I was 15
    www.youtube.com/halo2maniaccc and you will see my projects click on the animatronic hand video and you will see what I made.
    Visit my animatronic hand video direct
    I seem much older in my videos with a deep voice but I'm not kidding I was 15 when I made that video.
    I used a bluesmirf, an arduino, flex sensors, servos, and much more hardware very similar to what this kid did. Also several people have created instructables based off of what I did in my video. If he used any of these tutorials I hope he cited them!

  • I had to order this when I saw it....probably gonna make something that generates barcodes as a sort of "key" for a project. Now all you guys need to get is a fixed barcode scanner something like this
    On a more technical note
    If I use a 9v power supply instead of a 5v do I have to use a level shifter on the serial? In the example code it said 9v power supply and nothing about level shifting. So I am assuming not but just wanted to double check!
    Keep the awesome products coming Sparkfun!

  • and the FedEx sled dog team! You can't have one without the other....

  • This is a fantastic product! Its been a while since I bought it but figured I would comment on it now. The range is superb with the external antenna and I have had no problems transmitting or receiving stuff from long distances. Setting these up is like a walk in the park, simple commands and documentation. Word of warning don't solder to hot when you attach headers do a low temperature soldering quickly.

  • You can view videos of this motor in action as well as the easy driver and even an adapter for the shaft of this motor here.
    Shaft adapter
    You can view videos of this motor in action as well as the easy driver and even an adapter for the shaft of this motor here.
    Shaft adapter
    My youtube page

  • This antenna is a very good alternative to the ceramic chip antennas. It is a nice size and the build quality is very nice in comparison with some cheap antennas that I have used in the past.
    All in all its a great product for a great price!!!

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