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  • I FOUND THE SOLUTION: It appears that when I received the modules that they were set to (SA=0) and when I did the factory reset they were set to (SA=1). By changing to authentication to "SA,0", I was able to connect the two devices without sending the pin or any info confirming the pairing/connection.

  • Another side note... I started having issues when I used the factory setting reset command (SF,1). I still am unable to connect the two modules. However, I have been able to connect my phone to each of the modules but I can't get the two modules to connect. I have tried putting one in master mode and one in slave and that was unsuccessful as well.

  • These are the commands that I have entered...

    Inquiry,T=4,COD=0 Found 1 0006666628EE,Tyler,1F00 Inquiry Done

    C,0006666628EE TRYING CONNECT failed ? ? D

    Settings BTA=000666662655 BTName=Jorden Baudrt(SW4)=115K Mode =Slav Authen=1 PinCod=1234 Bonded=0 Rem=0006666628EE

  • I am attempting to connect two of these modules. I have previously been able to get them to connect but I had an "issue" and might have sent bad commands. So, I reset the modules back to their factory settings. Since then, I haven't been able to connect the two modules. I have been able to search and find the both devices. I can store the address of the device but when I try to connect, I am unsuccessful. Any suggestions?

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