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  • Would it be possible to get around the 20 fingerprint limit by this solution?

    Let say we are going to store 10,000 fingerprint templates on central server. We also have 1,000 fingerprint scanners across the country that have access to this central database.

    Will this scenario work for Enrolling a user? 1, Ask user for phone number 2, Exec Delete All 3, Exec Enroll 4, Set Database (to central server) 5, Intercept the Set Database to assign an additional column titled phone number (primary key)

    Will this scenario work for verifying a user? 1, User enters phone number 2, Queries central database using phonenumber 3, Get Database (I am assuming the ID will need to be 1-20 so we’d need to modify the query above to strip phone number) 4, Exec Verify 5, User places finger on scanner, sensor verifies.

    Logically this should work…has anyone tried this? If so, are you are you able to exec the HTTP query’s quick enough for this process to be usable in a production environment?

    Thanks in advance for anyone’s input on this

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