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  • I have tried exactly the same as above. And I cannot seem to connect to any network? Did you ever find a solution for this problem?

    I can do scantest which is just fine, it just that smartConfig that does not work. Using the app from an iPhone 5S if that matters. Hope somebody can help.

  • Good work, thank you.

  • I have though about making a dive-computer for some time now, and I have wanted to use this sensor.. But the big challenge of course is the casing on a project like this. I have seen examples of people using some spray/liquipel to make the PCB itself water resistant.. I have seen it been used in a mobile USB battery for smartphones, where it is possible to submerge this into water while it's still charcing your phone.

    What do you think of the idea and do you think that it would be possible to do?

  • I feel the exact same way! =)