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  • For Serial control, is it possible to communicate with the Wav Trigger directly from an Arduino or do I have to use the FTDI as an interface?

  • Thanks for that. I've been wanting to get some finer control over this wonderfully resourceful board for some time now so this is a good incentive to master Serial Control.

  • Great board however using it as a random jukebox over many months now I am realising many of my 200 tracks are never played and some tracks are played way too often. I accept the random track selection is a pseudo random function and I reckon every time it is powered off and on again it resets the pseudo random string to the beginning again. Is this true? And if so is it possible to seed the random string?

  • Just thought I'd share this: On my shield, Pin 6 is not connected to anything at all! Reset goes to Pin 5, I repeat Pin 5!! It has taken me a year to realise this and explains why I haven't been able to make it run through less than the seven bands. I've checked the board thoroughly and I'm afraid, Sparkfun, it's not me that's mad. Just wondering how this passed your testing? So countless people out there are carefully timing the reset when there is nothing connected to it - how mad is that?

  • Thanks so much - you were dead right - I hadn't converted the files right and checked the 'project rate' to 44100Hz as it said in your video (why didn't I look at before - doh!). Thanks for speedy help - Project back on track!! GREAT SERVICE Mr Robertson!

  • Okay, I'm afraid I have no idea what firmware version except to say I bought this board (WIG-12897) about last October from Hobbytronics here in the UK if that's any help. Thanks for your very specific questions, I've done some investigations and your test and here are some answers: Yes, the same tracks are always either playing too slow or too fast. It's not the short ones that are playing too fast as I first thought but it's the ones with the slow 'bit rate'. In fact I've noticed the playing speed is proportional to the difference from 1400kbps where a 700kbps plays at double time and a lot of my tracks are at around 1500 and going a bit slow. All the tracks were converted from MP3 using Audacity. I did what you suggested and removed all the connections and stripped the file down to to just one of the 'fast' tracks and yes, using the on-board button; it still went at double time!

  • Everything has been going so well with my Jukebox project using your fantastic Wav trigger, however I recently loaded up thirty or so more tracks onto 4GB cards and now I'm having tempo problems. Most of the long tracks(5+ minutes) are a bit slow and the short tracks are playing comically fast. I'm using them on the random function and have tried a few different 4GB cards to eliminate that possibility but same behaviour. Would a bigger/better SD card help? Maybe my track sizes too big?Any ideas greatly appreciated.

  • Thanks for that. It was on 'loud' for about ten seconds before it went silent. I'll be more careful next time and may be I was just unlucky and anyway it doesn't put me off this great board.

  • Thanks for quick response. Yes I'm using the latest Trigger with the extra cap and the stereo jack output is fine and yes I've tried the mono output with different speakers and all I get is a little crackle sound when connecting. Weirdly the initial speaker is also still fine - what could have happened then, I wonder? While I have your attention could you also help clear up for me how to best power the board from an external 5V supply. Am I correct to use the 5Vin breakout (or the 5V by the LR) and have I got it right that I need to solder together the '5V' jumper just between the mono output and LR/5V ?

  • I'm loving your wav trigger - great sound quality and so far very reliable. However I was trying out the mono amp the other day and connected it directly to a 0.25 watt 8 ohm speaker but I accidentally set the output volume to ten when testing and now I seem to have blown the amp - after some very distorted output now I get nothing coming out no matter what output volume I set. The current draw from the trigger hasn't changed - 200mA with amp on and 90 when off. I would have thought I'd have have blown the under powered speaker first. I love this board but I need to understand how exactly I blew the amp - or if I have?

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