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  • I would have to go with the PWM block. I have always had secret desire to build an army of intelligent anthropomorphic robots and take over the worl-- I mean conduct research for the good of humanity.

    Anyway, anthropomorphic robots require a lot of servos, and thus a lot of PWM outputs, so I was particularly happy to find a stackable PWM breakout for the Edison. Each block has PWM eight-channels, and using I2C you can stack up to 32 of them. That makes for a grand total of 256 servos (more than you will probably ever need in your life)!! With the Edison, you could control all those servos from the safety of your mobile phone! Another plus is the small footprint of the Edison and blocks, great for keeping the control electronics compact. My only concern is whether the header pins (to connect the servos to) would fit between stacked blocks.

    Also, February 11th happens to be my birthday. :)

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  • The XBee Shield in this kit uses the R3 footprint (32 pins), but the stacking headers in the kit use the old footprint and only provide 28 pins. I was wondering whether this matters or not. Should I just leave 4 pins unconnected? If so, which ones? Or do I have to buy a whole new pack of stacking headers that is R3 compatible?

  • The administrators must have been really desperate for a sub, wherever they found this kook.

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