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  • Thanks, this is one of those tools "to-be-learned" list. Mine model is quite oldish in a way it doesn't have display to show temperature, but that I've been thinking to hack afterwards, shouldn't be hard. Model is hakko 850b that I found in schools dumspter due the fact it rattled; only thing that was broken was quartz tube next to heating element. Original part would have costed about 70€ IIRC (WAY too high for some glass tube) and I found out that aoyue models spare parts are combatible to hakko's models, so there, was about 10€.

  • Thumbs up! sorry, couldn't resist....

  • Yes they can work at same time, just tested

  • the control voltage/current might be too too low so relay just tries to work but just don't work. Check with meter that contacts are like supposed in contact side. It could be just bad part, relay has already seen use, contacts sometimes ''lock'' or more to say melt together rarely. Then relay tries to operate but already has operated, it can be fixed by opening relay and carefully prying and smoothing contacts. But low voltage/current for coil is main issue that causes relay not work (again oldie....)

  • polarity shouldn't be issue, at least all DC-operated relays i've used have accepted any polarity...if you place EMF-catch diode, that of course matters the polarity (old question i know)

  • +1 for zipper here! (i know, old comment, matters?)

  • These would be great available in other sizes too! good build quality

  • Analog pins NOT digital. So yes, you were correct

  • Yeah, grimper/plier is far better than soldering, solder can crack easily, if the connecor sees plenty of ''life''

  • When crimping these, don't use pliers, get proper tool! they're not expensive, so not excuse.

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