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  • I need a housing for this, a nice plug I can connect to the docking station and still fit a small pcb. Any ideas on sources?

  • Excellent! But I'm having difficulties understanding how the power consumption can be as low as 5 microamperes or even 1.6 as stated in the datasheet when the voltage regulator will take at least 240 microamperes in sleep mode. Am I missing something here? I'd like to have this as a watchdog for my fridge (to sound an alarm when the door is open too long) I would need to power it down to save mAh...

  • I got this reply from Aoyue:
    It is not advisable to convert the 110V units to 220V units. As the following are not compatible:
    Pump, heating element and transformer.

  • I saw from their website that they provide 110 AND 220V versions. This may be done by changing the transformers or by using a transformer with two input levels. If the latter is the case, it would be easy to mod this into a 220V version. Can anyone with a unit open it up and check?

  • I have two of these. The first was an attempt on full diy, with all components in the bag and none soldered. It took a while and now I have no clue where the error(s) are. The next one I bought with all smd's soldered, but when I added the through hole parts, I certainly don't measure what the guide tells me I should see. What is the best forum to troubleshoot these?

  • BilalGhalib,
    Can you share the arduino code with us?

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