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  • The links in the Documents section of this page could use some cleanup. Ignore the AHRS Code link. It points to a zip file containing code for a previous version of this board, and won't work on the SEN10736. Also ignore the Python Graphic Interface link, which is just a youtube video showing a graphic display of the output. If you search github you can find the source for the python app, but it depends on an earlier version of firmware which doesn't run on the SEN10736. The GitHub link leads to the firmware that sparkfun installs on the board they ship. Note: this does not make it an IMU - it only prints the raw data. The really valuable link is the AHRS/Head-tracker Tutorial (long) by Peter Bartz, which contains links to new firmware for the board which does make it an IMU, instructions on how to calibrate it, and a processing app that displays the IMU output.

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