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  • News - New Product Friday: Actob… | about 4 months ago

    Do standard steppers fit on the various parts ?

  • Product COM-11951 | about 9 months ago

    Have I missed something. It might have numbers to 11, but it only has 10 divisions. It starts at 1 not 0? So in its minimal position it’s already at 1, with 10 steps, one tenth each ? Shouldn’t it be marked 0-11 ? So it can go from off to ten then 1 more to 11 !?

  • News - AVC 2013 recap | about 11 months ago

    There was an “alternative locomotion” class. You could have entered one! I almost brought a walking bot, but I could make it fast enough and stable enough to complete the course in time :-) It needs longer legs …

  • News - AVC 2013 recap | about 11 months ago

    I’ve posted the first of about 3 or 4 articles on my bot. I didn’t win :-), but I did complete the course. I’ll be posting circuit diagrams, code, etc, over the next few weeks as I get time.

  • Product KIT-11394 | about 2 years ago

    Aaarrgh !! Always read the instructions THOROUGHLY ! Just finished building mine and noticed the push buttons have to be inserted a particular way, even though they have symmetrical pins ! :-( now I see the “Important note : For all the push-buttons, the side with two dips must face the end where power connector locates” in the instructions … where’s my solder sucker … :-(

  • News - Microcontrollers for Educ… | about 2 years ago

    This is perfect, except for being held in the US ! :-( Not great for us UK peeps. What are the chances of packaging up the materials and selling them ? I’ve offered to teach an introduction to microcontrollers at my daughters school. But I’m not a teacher. I would love to buy a pack of materials that includes some lesson plans and ideas ? Any plans to offer this remotely ?


    When are you guys opening a UK office !? :-)

  • Product COM-10596 | about 3 years ago

    Comments elsewhere seem to suggest these encoders contain mechanical switches ? rather than digital switches ? Is this correct ? do you need to debounce the signals ?

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