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  • All that is great, but one thing is missing: commitment to quality. There's nothing wrong with being scrappy or unconventional, or even with trying and failing. But that doesn't mean the failures should make it into the market. IMHO, Sparkfun engineering is too sloppy. I'd like Sparkfun to be known as the place where Quality Is Job One, to borrow a phrase.

  • I agree. You need a better model for selling all your hardware -- standoffs, nuts n bolts, etc. Sell them in bags of 10 or 20 or 50 or something. Seems like that would be less handling for you and therefore cheaper. It's really curious, you can sell some pretty great electronic modules for very good prices, but then a simple nut or standoff has a huge markup. wtf?

  • esklar81: Just because I'm a picky SOB:
    The first paragraph says "Atmega 1280" and the second bullet in Features says "Atmega 328". How about either explaining or correcting this, as appropriate?

    It has both. Check out the schematic. Also, follow the link to the ArduPilot Homepage to see how the two uControllers are used.

  • The official arduino library doesn't, but there's a library in the "playground": http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Code/Spi. Also, Google "arduino spi" and you'll find lots of info.

  • Have you used this for monitoring current to a device using AC mains (120v ac)? How big are the holes for the input lines -- i.e., what gauge of wire will fit into the holes?

  • Nate -- Thanks for the article. I especially liked seeing all the responses re: how to plot data. Write up a simple blog and get great collaboration from the community!
    And thanks for the memories. When I was a teenager I brewed cheap wine at home. Welch's grape juice, sugar, and plain old bread yeast. Put a balloon over the mouth of the gallon jug, rather than a water bubble airlock. No sterilization, no hydrometer, and no ARM processor (circa 1970). It actually wasn't bad, if you like Mogen David. The only real disaster was once when the balloon burst in the middle of the night. What a mess all over the kitchen!

  • Star Flame and Product Tee are both way cool. I vote for both :-) Grins on RTFM (although it doesn't really work as a T shirt). Having written my share of tech docs over the years, I've answered more than one stupid question with "RTFM"!!

  • I agree. The schematic is confusing. Also, the "Arduino Pro Homepage" link is all 3.3v. This really needs to be clarified before I would order this board. Also, the Pro and Pro Mini have an on-board voltage regulator. How much current can it supply? Could I power a 5v peripheral from the Pro (pro mini) board?

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