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  • Well it seems like I might have figured out a tweak to make this work on Windows x64. Install the driver by the way the readme file states first, load the blink file…from here is where I started to run into issues. One thing that I did that seemed to work was to open up the ProMicro driver file, scrolled down to the “String Definitions” and changed the description from “SparkFun ProMicro” to “SparkFun ProMicro1”. Im assuming by changing the description, windows thought it was a different file and accepted it. From here I was able to upload new sketches to it and it seems to now be working fine. Hopefully this helps you and anyone else running into this issue on Windows X64

  • Anything else, just ask. The 0xff at the end of all my commands are the end of my string since im not using printf, im using my own SendMsg.
    I see what the guys here did, easy mistake, they just left out the a-f count in hex:
    A=0x01, B=0x02, C=0x03, D=0x04, E=0x05, F=0x06, G=0x07, H=0x08, I=0x09, J=0x1a, K=0x1b, L=0x1c, M=0x1d, N=0x1e, O=0x1f, P=0x10, Q=0x11, R=0x12, S=0x13, T=0x14, U=0x15, V=0x16, W=0x17, X=0x18, Y=0x19, Z=0x1a
    sorry that its two comments :-/…have a limit of 1100 characters…haha

  • Ok guys, I worked on this for about two weeks now and had an “duh” moment. I am using an Atmega128 and CodeVision avr fyi.
    spranger, below you will find the commands you need to control both the x, y, square, ect…
    ClearScreen = {0x7C,0x00,0xFF}; //clears off screan
    Backlight Duty = 0x7C,0x02,50,0xFF}; //50% duty cycle
    Baud Rate = 0x7C,0x07,0x32,0xFF}; //baud of 9600
    Demo = {0x7C,0x04,0xFF}; //demo code
    XCoord = {0x7C,0x18,1a,0xFF}; //x location at 26 (1a hex)
    YCoord = {0x7C,0x19,1a,0xFF}; //y location at 26 (1a hex)
    Square = {0x7C, 0x0F, 0, 0, 159, 127, 0xFF}; //border around the screen
    Circle = {0x7C,0x03,0x50,0x40,0x0A,0x01,0xFF}; // draws circle, if the 0x01 changes to 0x00 it erases it
    Pixel = {0x7C,0x10,0x50,0x40,0x01,0xFF}; // draws a pixel at this location, if 0x01 changes to 0x00, it erases
    Line = {0x7C,0x0C,20,100,20,108,1,0xFF}; draws a line from x20 y100 to x20 y108.
    Reverse = {0x7C,0x12,0xFF}; changes blue to white, and vice versa…just gotta call it once.
    SplashScreen = {0x7C,0x13,0xFF}; loads up the AWESOME sparkfun logo :)

  • I noticed when I tried to send the code to reverse the background or to set the x,y coord. it will not work. I am using Codevision AVR with an Atmega128. Everything else seems to work fine for me. Its a great screen, just need to figure out how to reposition text on the screen…

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