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  • Hi,

    I've tried to connect to the pi to my osx, and I cannot connect to it... I followed the (competitors) instructions to connect via serial by modifying the config.txt and the commandline.txt as well as adding the ssh empty file. I cannot for the life of me connect to it.

    I do see the device under ls /dev/tty.usb* and I get the modem to show up (only usb plugged in) I also tried ssh pi@raspberrypi.local and it just hangs there...

    would anyone have a way to solve this? My computer is 2017 mbp with the usb c ports, would that have anything to do with my usb-c to usb-2/3 converter? If i see the device, I would assume it's not the converter.

    But any input would be greatly appreciated!

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