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  • You-do-it Electronics in Needham, MA. They have everything from consumer electronics to project enclosures, ICs, and electronics kits. I think Sparkfun kits would fit in nicely there!


  • Glad to see you guys are using reCAPTCHA! Maybe next year you will come up with another way to crowd source some computing!

  • “And it’s abooooout that long.”

  • Yeah, Google gave me some help, although you also could have been in Madagascar.

  • My guess would be Perth.

  • I have sort of a beef about your interpretations of Moore’s Law. If you are talking a planar, CMOS, silicon process, I can see that scaling won’t take up beyond, say, 5nm gate lengths and that we would see no incremental gains in performance, power, or capacity.
    However, if you look at the history of semiconductors, there are always predictions of the limits of memory, processor speed, feature size, and the like. What always ends up happening is that some improvement comes along to help stretch the curve out. Look up strained silicon, double patterning, immersion lithography, OPC (I could go on).
    Now look at carbon nanotubes, quantum dots, memristors 3D integration, and any other crazy thing you hear about being the “future.” Who knows in 20-30 years what advances will be responsible for making our gear faster, low-power, and with larger memory year after year.

  • Rob’s hands are actually fairly accurate calipers, giving measurements down to fractions of a millimeter. See them in action at 1:59

  • I especially like scrappy; I think more companies AND people should think like this.
    About risk: I work for a large corporation that has risk taking as one of its 6 core values. It’s likely one of the reasons we are the leading microprocessor company in the world.

  • What’s in the Crock Pot®?

  • Altera FTW!
    Also Rob, the boxes really limit your wardrobe; no more red Sparkfun shirts for you!

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