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  • Ok it was explained here : https://github.com/watterott/KnowledgeBase/wiki/SparkFun-USB-Host-Shield

  • Although I bought the latest USB Host Shield, I mostly had the "OSC did not start" message while trying the HIDkeyboard library. I added the following code in my "setup" function and now it works correctly :

    //Workaround for non UHS2.0 Shield 

    (I found this into the USBH_MIDI library )

  • You save my life ;) I can't believe you made it so quickly ! Many thanks !

  • OK. But I suppose it won't play a whole 3-minute song even with the Release Control set to the max...

    It would be really great if each MIDI Note were configurable as an independant trigger, and had all the trigger settings... My idea is to use a MIDI Controller to trigger some songs (and eventually other controls), rather than to make a musical intrument. Perhaps in a future update ? ;)

  • Is it possible to configure the MIDI input so that : - the keys are not velocity sensitive ? - the tracks don't stop when the note is Off ? Thanks.

  • When using the NEXT function, does it play only the next track ? Or does it play successively all the remaining track of the range ?

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