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  • Is it possible to get my hand on 100 sets of these?

  • Im trying to program a brand new ATMEGA 328P for 3.3 volts operation with the ARDUINO BOOTLOADER using the internal RC 8 mHZ
    As per the setting you give in the above tutorial with the BROWNOUT selection I get
    EFUSE = FD
    HFUSE = DA
    LFUSE = E2
    which seems to coincide with the settings you got.
    However then you say to change the settings to:
    New: EFUSE = 05
    New: HFUSE = DA
    New: LFUSE = E2
    How do you do this? cause if i manually try to program EFUSE = 05 i get an error in STK500 programmer and it reverts back to
    EFUSE = FD
    Also, Ive use the already existing hex files that come in the ATMEGA folder under hardware and chose the "ATmegaBOOT_168_atmega328_pro_8MHz.hex". this is because when i run the makefile that came with the ARDUINO-0022 I get errors.
    The thing is i cannot communicate at all with the new chip in the arduino environment.
    Im programming the chip on the STK500 environment. All i see after uploading hex is a regular led blink activity on the PB5 pin of PORTB.

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