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  • yup I can confirm this: even with a 9V input (correct polarity, of course :) the unit gets kinda toasty and started emitting evil smells. Stick with 5V!!

  • this may seem like a silly question, but when using this chip for dual direction motor control, how could you even add in the diodes? i don't really see a way to do this at all since the current will have to flow both directions and the protection for the one way would essentially short the current when the motor is driven the other way.

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  • got one of these recently. works fine out of the box. default to 9600.
    tried it with arduino mini - talks fine to the computer.
    tried it with FTDI usb-serial adapter - works fine too. i use one terminal program to connect to the usb end; another one to the bluetooth serial port. they can talk back and forth.
    HOWEVER... i've been battling to get the thing into CONFIG mode - tried sending "$$$" to it... no response. (it does however push the data through to the other end) - so I can receive the $$$ on the other end of the connection... but I can't seem to config the device itself.
    Any suggestions? thanks in advance.